Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Appliance Pads


Silent Feet® are the most effective vibration absorbing appliance pads available. These newly engineered pads feature vibration isolating Sorbothane®, a visco-elastic polymer.  Silent Feet® have been design to reduce or eliminate noisy and harmful vibrations on virtually every washing machine and dryer on the market today.   

#SILENTFEET - are easy to install with each set featuring two “easy-slide” rear feet and two “super-sticky” front feet to facilitate sliding. Sold in pack of 4 for one appliance. Great for small laundry rooms in carpet, concrete, rough stone and tile.


Sorbothane®, a one-of-a-kind proprietary material, is specified by engineers worldwide for its shock reducing properties and scientifically proven to be the finest cushioning material available. In many applications Sorbothane® has achieved shock absorption up to 94.7%. Durometer 75, shore 00. 

Silent Feet® appliance pads significantly reduce vibration and do it better than any other product. Less vibration means less noise and less chance of structural damage. Unprecedented absorption levels are possible because Sorbothane® attenuates shock waves by dispersing energy outward from the impact source. Sorbothane® will not “bottom out” as do most common rubber materials on the market today. Silent Feet® appliance pads provide continuous effective performance and carry a lifetime warranty.