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UPGUARD Ergonomic Neck Support

Prix d'origine $28.33 - Prix d'origine $28.33
Prix d'origine
$28.33 - $28.33
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The UPGUARD Ergonomic Neck Support System helps preserve the anatomical integrity of the neck while in sustained or repetitive extension motions. The UPGUARD's strap attachment rests on the upper thorax (top of the back) and approaches the neck when the head is extended, or tilted backward. The support serves as a reminder to restrict motion rather than to completely block motion. With the support resting on the upper back, the extension range of motion can be limited. The UPGUARD is ideal for many activities or professions that require looking-up for extended periods of time; including mining, mechanics, forestry, painting, carpentry, electrical work, building maintenance, drywall installation, operating truck lifts, working on assembly lines, utility jobs, washing windows and many more. 

  • Lightweight molded design
  • Soft and comfortable polyurethane foam
  • Fully adjustable fire-retardant straps
  • Large capacity clips for attaching to waist
  • One size fits all


Early X-Ray studies show what is occurring within many of the neck strictures with the aid of the UPGUARD Ergonomic Neck Support System.



  • This product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment

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