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METGUARD PRO Metatarsal Protector

Prix d'origine $66.99 - Prix d'origine $66.99
Prix d'origine
$66.99 - $66.99
Prix actuel $66.99

The METGUARDPRO is a unique device that protects the metatarsal area of the foot. Extended design compliments both steel cap and regular footwear. The lip of the METGUARDPRO sits on top of the foot at load point. The METGUARDPRO is secured to your footwear with existing laces or with optional straps for footwear that does not have laces. These are suitable for many workplaces and industries including mining, construction, transportation, storage, forestry, retail, and many more. The METGUARDPRO is also a convenient option for home renovations, landscaping, or even pressure washing. 

  • Unlike traditional metatarsal guards, the METGUARDPRO is non-conductive for heat and electricity
  • Fits all safety shoes and boots
  • Practical, comfortable, easy to fit and simple to use
  • Used with existing footwear and transferable between users and footwear
  • Made of extremely durable yet lightweight polycarbonate material
  • Attaches to footwear with no laces using the option METSTRAPS straps (sold separately)
  • Meets minimum impact resistance 75 lbs as specified in ASTM F2412-11/F2413-11 (ANSI Z41)
  • CE Certified 

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