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MEMESD Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Insoles

Prix d'origine $32.99 - Prix d'origine $32.99
Prix d'origine
$32.99 - $32.99
Prix actuel $32.99

MEMESD Anti-fatigue memory foam insoles are designed to provide outstanding comfort, impact absorption, and support. MEMESD have Conductive threads to provide
electro-static dissipation, for use with ESD footwear that meets ASTM standards. 
MEMESD insoles alleviate fatigue and pain in your joints, feet, knees, legs, and back while walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Memory foam compresses to offer safe clearance and conforms to the natural curves of your foot to provide a customized fit. The soft fabric cover wicks away moisture to ensure all-day comfort. 

  • Superior impact protection while walking or running
  • Molded style insoles offer exceptional heel and arch support
  • Ideal for safety footwear, boots, casual and running shoes
  • Made with antifungal and antibacterial materials
  • Industrial grade materials ensure long wear
  • PVC-free for a clean environment
 Part No. USA Men USA Women UK Europe
MEMESD345 3-5 5-7 2.5 - 4.5 36 -38
MEMESD67 6-7 8-9 5 - 6.5 39 -40
MEMESD89 8-9 10-11 7-8.5 41-42
MEMESD1011 10-11 12-13 9-10.5 43-44
MEMESD1213 12-13 - 11-12.5 45-46
MEMESD14 14 - 13-14.5  47
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