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890-00 KNEESAVER Knee Strain Reliever

Prix d'origine $57.99 - Prix d'origine $57.99
Prix d'origine
$57.99 - $57.99
Prix actuel $57.99

KNEESAVER Knee Strain Reliever relieves stress on your joints, tendons, and cartilage while you work. By limiting the range of knee flexion, the KNEESAVER offers you superior strain protection while you knee or crouch. The uniquely notched back prevents slipping so that you do not have to worry about continuously making adjustments while you work. The KNEE SAVER is ideal for roofers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpet layers, contractors, skilled trades workers, tile layers, gardeners, landscapers, and more. 

  • Durable molded polyurethane foam
  • Adjustable dual elastic straps with hook and loop closure
  • Easy to clean surface
  • One size fits all 

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