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ITECH Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Prix d'origine $3.99 - Prix d'origine $3.99
Prix d'origine
$3.99 - $3.99
Prix actuel $3.99

ITECH Winter Touchscreen Gloves are the perfect daily-wear work gloves when working outside in the winter and wanting easy access to your smart devices. ITECH gloves allow ease of use for any touchscreen device without requiring you to remove your gloves. The silver conductive fabric on the tips of the index and thumb allow touchscreen activities such as typing, taking photos or recording video, browsing the web, navigating between apps, and sending messages without interference. ITECH's polar fleece lining will keep your hands warm while you work outdoors. 

  • Polyurethane palm patches help minimize slipping
  • Elasticized wrist cuff keeps cold wind and snow out
  • Machine wash in cold water and air detergent, air dry
  • Sold per pair
  • Sold in sizes S - XL
     Glove Size Hand Size Hand Circumference (Inches) Hand Circumference (Centimeters)
    XLarge 10 10 - 11 25 - 28


    • This product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment
    • Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves. 


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