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Anti-Vibration Tool Grip Wrap Kit

Prix d'origine $26.99 - Prix d'origine $113.99
Prix d'origine
$26.99 - $113.99
Prix actuel $113.99

Anti-Vibration Tool Grip Wrap Kit Includes waffle Visco-elastic polymer (VEP) sheet and self-adhesive silicone rubber tape. It absorbs and dissipates shock and vibration transmitted by power tools. Provides a soft anti-slip gripping surface. The Anti-Vibration Tool Grip Wrap Kit helps dampen shock and vibration and improves tool control while providing a comfortable gripping surface. Can be used with open or close tool handles,  is easy to customize; simply cut to fit tool handle and wrap.

Kit includes:

  • Sheet of Viscolas
  • Self-adhesive silicone rubber tape.
  • Note: VEP colour may vary.
Model # VEP Thickness  VEP Dimensions Tape
9064 3/16" / 0.5cm 13"x15" / 30x38cm 6 Rolls
9065 3/16" / 0.5cm 6.5"x5" / 16x12cm 1 Roll
9066 1/8" / 0.3cm 6.5"x5" / 16x12cm 1 Roll
9067 3/16" / 0.5cm 13"x5" / 33x12cm 2 Rolls
9068 1/8" / 0.3cm 13"x5" / 33x12cm 2 Rolls


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