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Anti-Fatigue Airsol Insoles (ASMOLD)

Prix d'origine $30.99 - Prix d'origine $30.99
Prix d'origine
$30.99 - $30.99
Prix actuel $30.99

Anti-Fatigue Airsol Insoles molded heel and arch offers superior comfort. The cellular, open-cell foam insoles, with biocide additive help prevent foot odor. The front of the insoles my be trimmed for perfect fit. For use with sports shoes, boots and work footwear. Airsol insoles will not bottom out. Helps relieve foot, legs and back fatigue. Ideal for safety shoes, boots or outdoor shoes. Used for walking on hard concrete ground to absorb impact and shock. Used in almost all industries: To replace anti-fatigue matting for anybody that uses carts on wheels. The carts get hang up on the mats. Started on laboratory industry. Poultry/food industry: does not have fabric cover, great for wet, hot environments.

  • PVC free
 Part No. USA Men USA Women UK Europe
ASMOLDA - 5-6.5 1-3 33-36
ASMOLDB - 7-8.5 3.5-5 36-38
ASMOLDC/E 7-8.5 9-10.5 5.5-7 39-40
ASMOLD/F 9-10.5 11-12.5 7.5-9 41-43
ASMOLDG 11-12.5 - 9.5-11 44-45
ASMOLDH 13-14 - 11.5-12.5  46-47


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