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876-00 Gel Rounded Cap Kneepad

Prix d'origine $45.99 - Prix d'origine $45.99
Prix d'origine
$45.99 - $45.99
Prix actuel $45.99

876-00 Gel Rounded Cap Kneepads have a honeycomb, textured co-polymer cover which slides easily over smooth surfaces to make movement easy. The large low profile textured cap is designed to prevent "roll-over" while you work. The cover is sewn to the padding to keep debris out and away from your knees. The real gel padding in the 867-00 kneepads helps disperse pressure away from the patella bone, providing comfort that lasts through the whole workday. 

  • Dual adjustable straps with hook and loop closure for easy adjustments
  • Breathable nylon mesh top cover is highly resistant for most work environments
  • Comfortable and lightweight protection when up and down repeatedly
  • Soft fabric inner lining wicks away moisture 
  • One size fits all
  • Made from 100% PVC-free materials 


  • Knee pads are certified as per EN 14404+A1:210 for penetration resistance, force distributions, shock absorption, and are approved for working in a kneeling position. 

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