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SASQUATCH Heavy Duty Full Foot Ice Traction

Precio original $71.99 - Precio original $71.99
Precio original
$71.99 - $71.99
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SASQUATCH Heavy Duty Full Foot Ice Traction Overshoes were designed to provide superior full foot traction with cleats on the heel and forefoot which maintain traction through your natural stride. The SASQUATCH is engineered with ridges and heat treated hex cleats for extra grip. Adjustable nylon webbing straps with hook and loop closures that remain secure even when wet. The IMPACTO SASQUATCH can be easily secured to most closed shoes and boots for a safe fit. Fits steel toe and winter boots.  

  • Secures tightly to shaft and toe cap of boot
  • Replacement cleats available
  • Unsurpassed traction and protection 
  • Sold in sizes S - XL
 Size US Men's US Women's
Small 6.5 - 8 8.5 - 9.5
Medium 8.5 - 10.5 10 - 12
Large 11 - 12.5  - 
XLarge 13 - 14.5  - 

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