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IMPACTOMAT Anti-fatigue Kneeling Mat

Precio original $8.49 - Precio original $51.99
Precio original
$8.49 - $51.99
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IMPACTOMAT Anti-fatigue Kneeling Mats are specially designed to protect your knees from abrasions and reduce knee trauma and lower back stress while you work. IMPACTOMAT's are made with resilient closed-cell foam which does not compress or absorb liquids. The built-in handle makes them convenient to move around with as you work. IMPACTOMAT's provide protection from cumulative trauma to your knees by offering superior cushioning and support while you work in severe kneeling conditions on cold hard steel, concrete, grating, gravel, wet surfaces, or dirt and mud. IMPACTOMAT's are used in many work settings such as tire shops, mechanics, utility workers, petroleum production, telecommunications, manufacturing, warehousing. Perfect for work or around the house doing repairs or in the garden while you work. 

  • Will not compression set or absorb liquids
  • Impervious to petroleum products
  • Self-extinguishing, non-conductive and silicone-free
  • Easy to clean with soap and water, pressure wash or steam clean
  • Also available in anti-fatigue standing mats 
Size  Dimensions
Small 4" x 6" Single Knee
Medium 8" x 16" 
Large 14" x 21" 
  • Meets the 49 CFR 571.302 Flammability Standard.
  • Meets Type 3 Knee Protector per European Standard EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010.

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